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How to raise a healthy pup

A puppy is always the joy of our home. It is important to be aware at all times of its needs in order to keep it happy and healthy. If you give your furry friend the necessary attention, you can be sure that you will be rewarded with endless moments of blissful happiness.


Understanding the needs of your furry friend

When we adopt a pet, it is inevitable to worry about how to feed it and find out the best alternatives to keep it healthy day after day. As a first step, it is important to know how old the puppy is and if it still needs to consume breast milk. According to experts, a dog should be breastfed until it reaches eight weeks of age.

For that reason, it is not recommended to separate the puppy from its mother before two months. However, if she does not adequately comply with the process of feeding or if the animal is orphaned, it is important to nourish it with milk. It is best to opt for powdered baby formula which is available for sale in pet stores.

From six weeks of age, it is important to soak the croquettes so that they can soften and the puppy can ingest them and assimilate them more easily. After three months the dog will be able to eat solid food.

It is worth to mention that croquettes constitute a complete and balanced food formulated by nutritionist veterinarians. These specialists determine the needs of each dog according to race, age and physical activity, information that allow them to develop the most adequate diet.

Medical care and physical activity

It is important to take your dog to a regular veterinary examination in order to keep it healthy. The correct vaccination prevents diseases and unnecessary complications. It is also important to bear in mind that physical activity is very important in the relationship between animal and owner.

The dog should feel satisfied and happy on every walk, therefore it should be able to run freely, jump and play with other puppies.